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Mission Statement

We, the Willow Grove Elementary School community, are committed to meeting the needs – academic, physical, social, and emotional – of the whole child. Our mission is to inspire and ensure learning so that each student develops the knowledge, skills, and confidence to define and achieve success in the evolving and diverse world of the 21st Century.

Willow Grove Vision Statements

Willow Grove Elementary School is comprised of a team of dedicated students, staff, parents, and community members who share a collective responsibility for student success. Our students take an active role in their learning and understand there are no limits to their educational opportunities. Collaboration and professional development enable our teachers to be premier providers of rigorous, relevant, and innovative instruction. Parents and community members support and enhance the quality of our students’ school experience. Together, we set goals, monitor progress, and make connections to this ever-changing world. We take pride in recognizing and respecting differences while building positive relationships in a safe and caring environment. Willow Grove celebrates life and learning!

Our Commitment

Commitments: We, the staff, pledge to support and implement the five Roots of Willow Grove :
  • Professional Learning Community 
    • Actively collaborate with grade and cross-grade level teams
    • Prioritize and commit to designated collaboration times
    • Be a positive team player and support colleagues
    • Promote student learning and be a voice for each child
    • Create a safe environment that encourages all voices to participate and be heard
  • Cultural Proficiency  
    • Be flexible; accept and embrace changes as they occur
    • Recognize and respect differences among our community
    • Embrace the six traits of Character Counts!
    • Know and represent your own identity and be open to learn about the cultures of others
  • State of the Art Technology
    • Engage all students through the use of effective practices for 21st Century learning
    • Continually seek out innovative technology to implement in the classroom
    • Through ongoing training, learn to utilize our gifts of technology
  • College Readiness
    • Model and encourage lifelong learning
    • Provide a strong foundation in literacy – reading, writing, and math – as well as a strong knowledge base.
  • Personalize education to develop student interest and skills for future success
    • Introduce students to a full range of post secondary options
  • Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships
    • Set and strive for high academic and behavioral expectations for students and self
    • Embed habits for future success through the explicit development of skills such as critical thinking, self-monitoring, persistence, and responsibility
    • Be accountable for the success of each child
    • Connect classroom learning to real world experiences
    • Build positive relationships among staff, students, parents and community
    • Model a positive, caring, and inspirational attitude
    • Believe and celebrate in the success of each child!