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Willow Grove Elementary School

Positive Behavior Support Plan

 Willow Grove Staff is committed to supporting all students in making positive behavior choices through the implementation of our school-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan.  At the beginning of the school year, students attend a grade level Positive Behavior Support Assembly where they learn about our Three Grizzly Ground Rules and our Willow Grove Behavior Expectations. Each teacher explicitly teaches and reviews our Three Grizzly Ground Rules and behavior expectations throughout the year.

Willow Grove Staff Beliefs about Our Students:

  • Our students should be infused with a love of learning and a love for each other.
  • Our students should appreciate themselves and also those with differences.
  • Our students should realize that problems are opportunities for personal growth.
  • Our students' ultimate goal is to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Guiding Principles for a Positive Behavior Support System:

  • Consistency at a school comes from living by a set of core beliefs, not from everyone doing the same thing the same way.
  • All students and staff must be physically and emotionally safe if learning is to occur.
  • Children should be responsible for owning and solving their own problems, with some guidance.
  • Appropriate or desirable behavior must be defined, taught, modeled, encouraged, supported, and recognized.
  • The goal of any intervention is to promote positive behavior rather than to be punitive.
  • Responses to behaviors must be developmentally appropriate and meet individual needs.
  • Students should have input in creating rules, consequences, and rewards.
  • Ultimately, our relationships with all students make rules and consequences meaningful and discipline effective.

Willow Grove Behavior Expectations